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How Can I Change My Life & Be Happy?

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Happiness is undeniably one of the most important, and rewarding, aspects of life. The pursuit of happiness is in our nature, and most of the actions we take position happiness as the end goal. That isn’t to say, however, that ultimate happiness is easy to obtain. If you frequently find yourself wondering how you can change your life and be happy, then don’t worry – you aren’t alone. We’re here to reveal a secret that can help you to transform your life from the inside out.

Facts about the ‘Wheel of Life’: how does it work?

This secret comes in the form of ‘The Wheel of Life’. An abstract concept, ‘The Wheel of Life’ is a model used to highlight the constant movement and ever-changing nature of our lives. The main goal is to ensure our life is kept ‘in balance’, one of the core teachings in the Buddhist faith. Achieving balance leads to complete wellness and subsequent happiness, which is why this concept is so important.
Let’s break it down

The wheel is divided into eight sections, each of which is dedicated to an important element in our lives, such as family, career and so on. Each section can be viewed as a scale, with the center being 0% (the lowest score) and the outer circle as 100% (the best score).

From here, you place a mark in each section that refers to how well you believe you are performing in that aspect of your life. Join up all of the points, and you’ll see a picture of how your life appears through your own life in that moment. You’ll see your strengths, weaknesses and everything in between.

This allows you to think about what your ideal life would look like, and improve upon the areas one by one. Perhaps you need to spend more time with your family? Or maybe you’ve been unlucky in love? Regardless of your shortcomings, the next step is to think of three SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely) goals for each aspect of your life that needs some more work. In short, create your action plan, and then take action!

As life goes by, you’ll see the marks in each areas of the wheel adjust and change. After working on different sections at different times, you’ll see your standards start to raise. We recommend revisiting the wheel every three to six months: after all, life is in a constant state of flux, which means that your strengths and priorities will be ever-changing too.
Success and happiness awaits

The ‘The Wheel of Life’ is the perfect way to put experiences into perspective and enforce real alterations that will impact and change your life and happiness. For further support and advice on your journey to achieving wellness, contact Adore Wellness today to speak to our expert team.

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