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Niki Verity
Niki Verity
The best lip filler I’ve ever had, perfect shape and natural looking ! THE BEST!
Alina Spelveryte
Alina Spelveryte
I am using this place for few years, always was best service, very Experiance doctor, really Happy with all treatments what she done and 100% recomendations.
melanie williamson
melanie williamson
Dr Bejma is very experienced in her field. She explained all the procedures and puts you at ease. Amazing Lady and very kind xx
Claire Malone
Claire Malone
She's utterly amazing. And... have you seen her?! She's unreal! Can't recommend highly enough. Great results and great advice. Not pushy at all.
Jo Donald
Jo Donald
Beautiful clinic, lovely staff, Agi carried out my 4th Morpheus8 face and neck session today, I had 3 sessions 4 weeks apart over 18months ago and this was a little top up, Agi was so lovely, she made sure I was comfortable the whole time and talked me through it, the stronger numbing cream used beforehand and the cooling device made it completely bearable, can’t wait to see the results, really lifted and tightened my skin on my previous sessions. Thankyou ❤️
Heather Smyth
Heather Smyth
Always friendly and professional.
Sarah Walker
Sarah Walker
Excellent service, Dr Bejma was extremely knowledgeable and I could tell was an expert in her field. I would highly recommend
Joanna D
Joanna D
This clinic is absolutely fantastic, have had treatments done by Dr Bejma and have always been delighted with the results. Friendly, informative and always put you at ease. Empathetic, knowledgeable and very talented beautiful lady. Wouldn’t go anywhere else. Dr Bejma is super professional and it’s good to have someone you trust.
Jamie Crooks
Jamie Crooks
Having entered the last year of my 30s, I recently decided to take the plunge, and booked a Hydrafacial at Dr Bejma Medical Clinic, Leeds. Being the typical guy, previously my skin care routine consisted of soap and a quick rinse twice day. My initial apprehension and nervousness was soon put to rest. The patient care from booking, to treatment, through to after care and advice (much needed) was first outstanding. All staff were highly knowledge and quick to put my mind at ease. Just over an hour later, I left the medical clinic refreshed, rejuvenated and relaxed. My skin has truly never looked better. Thanks again Dr Bejma Team, see you next time. Jamie
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