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Lines And Wrinkles

The natural process of ageing can affect the face and body in a variety of ways, with lines and wrinkles being most prevalent.

The development of lines and wrinkles can often begin when a person is in their early 30’s, most commonly appearing first on the forehead and around the eyes. Starting off as finer lines, wrinkles can become deeper over time and extend to other areas of the face, including the neck, cheeks and chin.

Lines and wrinkles are conditions we develop as we get older, and as this happens, the skin loses both collagen and elastin. These natural substances contained within the skin’s structure, help to maintain its firm yet stretchy properties, and ensure it stays adequately hydrated. Our face and its features are in constant use every single day, as we show emotional expressions and communicate.

The muscles that control these facial movements also become weakened over time, and provide less support to the skin. Whilst these factors are often unavoidable, lifestyle choices (smoking, alcohol consumption and a poor diet) and exposure to environmental conditions (weather extremes and the sun’s rays) can be more controlled, reducing the risk of accelerating the ageing process and exacerbating any associated conditions.

At Mediface Aesthetics, dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxing injections (BOTOX) can help to pause the ageing signs and reduce their appearance. Enhancing the skin’s health is first and foremost at Mediface Aesthetics and we will always carry out a full and thorough consultation before recommending a treatment plan for you.

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