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Oily / Congested Skin

When the skin produces too much sebum, it becomes oily.

Sebum is made in the sebaceous glands and is the substance that protects the skin and helps to keep it hydrated, and when the production of sebum is excessive it can clog up the skin and cause congestion.

A common condition that affects the face, oily skin can not only give a shiny appearance, it can also cause thick skin, enlarged pores and acne. This may be an inherited condition that sees fluctuations in severity, and can be associated with hormonal changes and stress, as these factors can accelerate the production of sebum.

Maintaining a regular cleansing routine can help to stabilise the sebum levels produced in the skin, avoiding soaps that contain harsh chemicals. Many soaps can cause the skin to dry out, as can using rough materials to clean the skin, acting to trigger sebum production and stimulate the skin to create more oil.

Affected people frequently turn to make-up to try and hide the condition, but this can often make it worse, clogging the skin. Finding a preventative measure will need to be what works best for the individual.

Obagi Skin care products and (please confirm) are treatments that Mediface Aesthetics would recommend for improving oily / congested skin. Helping to achieve a clear and glowing complexion.

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