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Upper Lip Lines

Upper lip lines are the vertical wrinkles that develop on the top lip, and can sometimes be referred to as ‘lipstick lines’ or ‘smokers lines’.

This condition is largely down to the effects of ageing, along with everyday movements that occur as we talk, laugh, smile, eat and drink. These repeated movements cause infinite muscle contractions over the years, and when accompanied by a weakened skin structure, cause the lines to appear.

Skin that is less supportive of the features, has seen the aging process lead to the loss of effective levels of collagen and elastin, components that keep the skin strong, firm and hydrated. The term ‘smokers lines’ refers to the link that is associated between upper lip lines and someone who smokes, as the action of inhaling on a cigarette is another repeated movement.

People who are affected by upper lip lines often feel that they have a stern appearance, looking angrier than their usual demeanour, and people with thinner lips often find this concern is more pronounced.

At Mediface Aesthetics Dermal Fillers and Wrinkle Relaxing injections (BOTOX) can be used as successful treatments to reduce the appearance of upper lip lines. When applied to the upper lip, Botulinum Toxin can relax the muscles and soften the contractions. Whereas Dermal fillers will add volume to help erase these lines.

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