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Intravita IV Drips And Shots

Intravita IV drips and shots are scientifically proven to help enhance the body’s nourishment which can improve your inner well-being and leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated. Also known as ‘drip therapy’ or ‘vitamin therapy’ these treatments are a favourite with many celebrities, and are used as a quick and easy method of lifting fatigue and boosting the metabolism.

Looking after our bodies takes time and effort. It’s important to ensure we eat the right foods, drink plenty of water and take regular exercise, as well as maintaining the ideal work / life balance and taking adequate time to rest. Our patients at Mediface often request IV drips and shots to help supplement their diet and lifestyle and ensure the body remains healthy and functioning well.

Our medically trained staff use safe and reliable methods of administration. The drips are applied intravenously, with the shots being delivered by an injection. Many different formulas are available and can be used for a wide range of conditions. Whether you are looking to improve your hair or skin, detoxify the body, slow down the signs of ageing or increase your energy levels, Intravita is the ideal treatment.

Following a comprehensive assessment at Mediface Aesthetics a bespoke formulation of energy boosting ingredients can be put together which are designed specifically for you and your individual concerns. We may recommend a single treatment, or a course of between 2 and 4 sessions, to reach your goal.

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Intravita IV Drips And Shots

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Frequently asked questions

There are many different treatment options available. The mix of ingredients are specifically tailored to meet your needs and your expert therapist will find a formula that is suited to you.

These treatments are scientifically proven and are very safe when administered by a skilled and trained professional. The ingredients used are aimed at enhancing the body’s healthy functioning and are natural supplements.

An appropriate method of anaesthesia will be used prior to administration, in order to alleviate any discomfort that this treatment may incur.

During a full and thorough pre-treatment consultation, your experienced professional will ensure you are made fully aware of any potential risks or side effects that may be experienced.

This treatment should not cause you to experience any downtime. After your drip or shot you should be free to continue with your day as normal.


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