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Obagi Medical Skin Care

Obagi Medical is the no. 1 skin care product on the market, recognised for delivering outstanding results for improving the skin’s health, transforming the functioning of the skin at a much deeper level.

By enhancing the healthy properties in the skin and boosting cellular regeneration, the complexion can become clearer, more even in texture and help to reduce the signs of ageing.

Over time, the skin can develop a tone that is unbalanced and less than healthy. Environmental factors and lifestyle choices are largely responsible for this along, with the body’s ability to continue to function efficiently. For the skin, this means conditions such as lines and wrinkles, sun damage, acne, pigmentation and dull skin are likely to emerge.

Whilst the process of ageing is a natural course that everyone experiences, by enhancing collagen production and encouraging new skin cells to regrow, these conditions can see a noticeable improvement when hydrating and firm properties are put back in. Obagi Medical Skin Care can help to drive this process.

The extensive range of products that Obagi has available can be tailored for each individual, addressing a wide variety of personal concerns through their unique combinations of essential ingredients.

These innovative products are designed to work harmoniously with a range of treatments, available at Mediface Aesthetics, detoxifying the skin and reintroducing healthy properties.

Whether you are undergoing a procedure at the clinic, or are maintaining a regular skin care routine at home, The experts at Mediface Aesthetic Clinic can recommend the ideal product for you. Reducing the visible signs of ageing and lifting your confidence can be achieved through a complexion that is healthy, glowing and radiant.

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Obagi Medical Skin Care

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Frequently asked questions

Obagi has such an extensive range of products that there is likely that there is an item that is suitable for you. Mediface Aesthetics will conduct a thorough assessment of the conditions you present with, ensuring the right product and treatment can be recommended.

The Obagi range has earned an enviable reputation for delivering successful results for a number of conditions that relate to skin that lost some of its healthy properties. The products and treatments are only dispensed and performed by a trained and experienced practitioner at Mediface Aesthetics, following strict protocols regarding patient safety.

If Obagi products are being used in conjunction with a treatment, Mediface aesthetics will ensure you are fully aware of the procedure will be performed and any discomfort that may be involved.

Obagi uses natural ingredients and supplements in their products, which are designed to be kind to almost all skin types. Therefore there is a very low risk factor connected with the use of these products. Any potential side effects will be fully explained to you at your pre-treatment assessment.

The downtime that is to be expected from a treatment that involves the use of an Obagi product, is largely dependent on the procedure that is being performed. Mediface aesthetics will ensure this information is made fully aware to you prior to treatment. If you are using a product at home, then there will be no downtime to consider.


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