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About the Practice

Multi Award-Winning Plastic Surgeon and Renowned Breast Expert

As an aesthete, a woman and a highly skilled reconstructive & aesthetic surgeon, Rozina understands the challenges of considering a journey of aesthetic improvement. The bold decision towards creating a new and improved version of yourself requires much thought and self-reflection, combined with hours of research to find the right surgeon in which to place your trust.

International Pedigree and World Class Training

Rozina’s extensive international experience informs her attentive and supportive approach. She’s a product of the meticulous attention to detail from her time in the Far East, the flamboyance and beauty of Brazilian plastic surgery, the grit and determination of her American colleagues and the technical virtuosity of her European counterparts. A stellar British training was the foundation, but the finesse and surgical prowess is a product of Belgium, Brazil, France, Italy, New York and Taiwan. Her aesthetic eye is her own, honed from her love of the Arts, Nature and Humanity.

Her aesthetic eye is her own, honed from her love of the Arts, Nature and people. Her confidence, humour and verbosity are her Scouse heritage.


A Service Based Practice

Consultation is key to building a meaningful partnership. An open and transparent discussion will enable Rozina to gain an insight into the journey you have been on and the outcome you seek. Rozina will design a bespoke treatment plan to help you achieve your aesthetic aspiration. Patient safety and patient satisfaction are the foundations of good surgical practice and Rozina and her team have dedicated themselves to keeping sure you are well informed and your preferences accounted for every step of your journey.
Whether you are requesting a single surgical procedure or a long-term goal, Rozina offers her passion and creative skills not just to your tissues but also to your well-being and endeavours to reassure you of the power of aesthetic surgery as a science, skill and art form.

Our Ethos

Lean into your Strengths

All aspects of breast reconstruction, enhancing breast development and state of the art breast aesthetics (fat transfer, nipple sharing, areola reduction) and Top surgery are an innate part of Rozina’s practice. In men, women and non-binary. She is a breast specialist.

If breast aesthetics is sculpting, then facial aesthetics is Art. Rozina’s facial aesthetics practice is sophisticated and nuanced, has long been ahead of its time with facial lipofilling and the use of nanofat (stem cells and growth factors) and the latest in dermo-cosmetic procedures, microneedling and mesotherapy.
The intention is to look naturally beautiful. For your external appearance to match the youth, energy and enthusiasm for life you feel internally. The boost to your self-confidence is as important as that to your image.

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