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Asymmetric Breasts

Asymmetric Breasts

Every woman desires perfect and beautiful breasts. The breast is closely associated with the trait of femininity and for this reason we often feel a strong connection with our breasts. Breasts have been celebrated gloriously throughout history, particularly in art and sculpture. The ‘nursing mother’ displaying one or both breasts is the classic Renaissance depiction of the wonder of motherhood.

Asymmetric breasts however, are rarely sculpted or painted, despite them being one of the most common reflections of the ‘real’ woman. Asymmetric breasts refers to the two breasts looking different in shape or size. In fact no woman has completely symmetric breasts but just as they are rarely painted or sculpted, they are rarely photographed or demonstrated in cinema.
It is not uncommon to notice that one breast differs in shape, size, volume or positioning on the chest wall. There can be a number of reasons why this happens such as genetics, pubertal development, hormonal changes, breast feeding or disease/trauma. The breasts may also see temporary differences in size during menstrual periods, as water retention and increased blood flow when ovulating can result in the breasts becoming fuller and more sensitive.

For some women the asymmetry is marked, permanent and not acceptable. For example congenital breast aplasia (lack of any breast development) or juvenile hypertrophy where one breast grows significantly larger than the other or Poland Syndrome (birth defect involving pectoral girdle). The most common cause of breast asymmetry is usually secondary to breast cancer treated with partial or total mastectomy. Total or partial breast reconstructions often require surgery to the contralateral breast to increase symmetry.

For some, when both breasts don’t look the same, they don’t feel ‘normal’ and it can have implications on their well-being with a strong need for this bodily feature to fit in with what is expected.
Rozina has a long career and expertise in all aspects of chest reconstruction whether following trauma, breast cancer or gender realignment and is well versed in the art of the possible.
Using multiple modalities including implants, acellular dermal matrix, tissue flaps, fat transfer and tissue manipulation (breast uplift, breast reduction) Rozina can restore lost confidence and deliver a more natural and aesthetically pleasing appearance to any chest

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