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Belly Fat & Apron Flap

Belly Fat & Apron Flap

Belly fat is common to men & women and may be due to diet, inactivity, hormones, genetics or lifestyle.
An abdominal pannus or ‘Apron flap’ refers to overhang of abdominal tissue that can occur after significant weight loss or multiple pregnancies and is not usualyy possible to eradicate through diet and exercise alone. A smaller flap or ‘pooch’ secondary to a curved suprapubic Caeserian scar may sometimes cause increased abdominal girth.

Other reasons for excess abdominal girth may be poor abdominal muscle tone, herniation or intrabadominal masses, constipation, air, or fluid.

In men, fat tends to sit more centrally around the waistline, this “apple” shape is linked to increased visceral (deep) fat surrounding the organs and bowels and is a more dangerous fat distribution from the cardiovascular point of view. It is not amenable to any surgical intervention, neither liposuction nor abdominoplasty.
Women meanwhile tend to deposit fat in a more gynaecoid or “pear” shaped on the hips, thighs and buttocks.
It is important to identify and address the most likely causes of excess abdominal fullness.
All situations benefit from improving diet and physical exercise and have positive repercussions on health & mental well-being as well as fat levels. However divarication of the Recti (loose tone of the underlying abdominal muscles) is better addressed by plication or oversewing and Rectus abdominis muscles as part of a formal abdominoplasty. Excess lower abdominal tissue, especially that with poor elasticity and stretch marks can be readily excised as part of a mini-abdominoplasty. Thick, fatty subcutaneous tissues may benefit more from liposuction followed by formal excision surgery such as a full abdominoplasty.
The correct diagnosis and appropriate surgical solution are essential to ensuring a good outcome. Following a full and thorough consultation Dr Rozina Ali will advise the best route for your physique.

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