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Droopy Eyes / Fallen Brow

Droopy Eyes / Fallen Brow

The eyes are the main focal points of the face and play a big part in communicating with others. They are the facial features than most influence how others perceive you.
It takes as little as 100milliseconds to gain a first impression, so it’s important in your personal and professional life that your eyes reflect who you truly are.

The delicate eyelid skin is less than 0.5mm in thickness and rapidly displays any signs of dehydration, ageing or illness. Underlying blood vessels, wrinkles and lines are easily visible. With age, the fatty cushion around the globe of the eye deflates and protrudes or is pressured into forming eyebags. As ageing skin loses elastin and collagen, creases,wrinkles and lines appear. The effect is that light is reflected differently from wrinkled skin and the eyes appear smaller, older and more sunken.

A drooping brow adds years to a face, whereas a high, flat eyebrow atop a full convex brow conveys youth and attractiveness. The position, fullness and shape of the eyebrow is a determinant of age and beauty

Fallen brows or Brow ptosis is due to the effects of gravity, loss of elastin and collagen and weakened forehead muscles causing the eyebrow to fall and exacerbate any excess upper eyelid skin. Brow ptosis often start at the tail end of the eyebrow with a descent in this feature acting to cause increased eyelid ptosis (droopiness) It is at about this stage, women of a certain age start to overpluck their brows, hoping to recreate a higher placed, arched brow. At the same time, the thin skin of the upper lids creases and wrinkles such that creams or make-up becomes stuck in crevices and more difficult to apply.

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