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Enlarged Pores

Enlarged Pores

The purpose of the skin’s pores is to allow for secretion of essential oils required to keep the skin supple and waterproof.
When the pores become noticeably visible it is usually the result of the accumulation of excess sebum in the sebaceous glands, combining with dead skin cells to cause a blockage.

If this blockage prevents the natural secretion of essential oils, the pores lose elasticity and become wider and more pronounced, which can then lead to other concerns including blackheads and infected pimples. When the ageing process contributes to enlarged pores, the dermal elements that surround the hair follicle (or pore) become compromised as the structure of the skin is less supportive, also contributing to the follicular canal (follicle) expanding. The appearance of the skin’s pores can also be a product of the texture of the surfaces that surrounds it, appearing more noticeable when rough skin bounces off light in a random manner that puts emphasis on the appearance of the pores. Collagen induction treatments (microneedling) help to tighten and resurface the skin, reducing the appearance of enlarged pores by inducing the skin cells to make more healthy new skin with increased collagen and better quality elastin. Recreating underlying contours by skin tightening or Facial filler will also help light reflect more evenly.

That which is perceived as “flawless, beautiful or good” tends to have a glow due to the reflection of light. This is true in Art (think Caravaggio) and true of Nature (baby skin). In seeking to maintain that youthful natural glow with ‘radiant’ skin we are seeking to effectively reflect light.
Rozina can further achieve this effect by working with medical grade products such as Mesoestetic, Obagi NuDerm and other skincare products to create a more even and smooth complexion which will naturally bounce light to give the appearance of a dewy or ‘glassy’ surface.

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