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Stubborn Fat

Stubborn Fat

Fat accumulates all over our bodies, and can occur anywhere. Most commonly, pinchable subcutaneous fat is laid down on the abdomen, thighs and/or flanks, less so on the upper arms and back. Some individuals can have localised deposits or specific areas such as a chin, ankles or knees.

Global fat loss is best dealt with through diet and exercise, however in the case of stubborn fat such as outer thigh saddle bags, inner thighs, knee fat or submental chin fat then minimally invasive surgical procedures such as liposuction are ideal for focused fat removal. Stubborn fat deposits can be due to the changes in body fat distribution as we get older and become increasingly difficult to eradicate through diet or exercise.

Rozina promotes healthy living as well as a healthy attitude toward your body. It is not just the scales that determine how we feel, it’s the fit of our clothes and our body shape that most often triggers the need to speak to a surgeon about ways to tackle persistent fat deposits. Depending on where the fat is, as well as the cause of the fat pockets, Rozina will be able to advise you of possible courses of action to achieve your aesthetic goal.
There are many treatments for reducing stubborn fat, both surgical and non surgical, some of which include tightening of loose skin after weight loss, as well as lipo-sculpting or contouring to give you a more defined silhouette and pleasing body shape.

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