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Facial Volume Loss

Facial Volume Loss

One of the most disconcerting and deliberate signs of ageing is the loss in facial volume. Whilst the rest of you may expand or get fuller (breasts, belly, butt), the face gets thinner. The process is subtle but inexorable, the face flattens, the upper jaw retrudes, the face shape becomes more square, the facial width diminishes, cheek bones become less prominent, the jaw less strong, the chin tightens inwards towards the nose.

The brows fall, as skin loses its turgidity (fullness and strength) skin quality deteriorates, lines, wrinkles and creases develop, initially temporary (dynamic lines of expression) eventually permanent. Other times, dramatic irreversible changes are noted after seemingly inconsequential events like dental extraction, stress, illness or weight loss.

Facial volume loss is a result of the deterioration of dermal collagen and elastin. As the fat pads deflate, they sag, flattening the cheeks and deepening the nasolabial folds. That is why smiling, which elevates the fat pads back to their original higher position, is so rejuvenating.
Sagging skin, premature jowling, gaunt cheeks and turkey neck are all examples of unwelcome volume loss around the face and neck. Other signs include hollow, sunken eyes, deepening nasolabial lines (nose to mouth) and marionette lines (mouth to chin).
More often than not the process is slow and incremental; however factors such as excessive sun exposure, smoking, alcohol consumption and a poor diet may all accelerate the process.
A gaunt face is not attractive because despite our generational struggle with it, fat (in the right places) offers padding, structure and volume. Fat really is the elixir of youth.

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