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Lumps Bumps & Lesions

Lumps Bumps & Lesions

At any point in our life we may develop a lump, bump or lesion on the skin, palpable under the skin, or protruding out or hanging from the skin. Lesions come in all sizes and colours and the reasons for removal vary from unsightly appearance, to catching becoming irritated or bleeding to concerns about the diagnosis and removal for the purposes of tissue diagnosis.

Whether it’s a skin tag, mole, wart or cyst, these irregularities are usually harmless, but can cause some frustration and discomfort. Many lumps or bumps develop where the sweat glands are active, others at sites exposed to sun damage Some lumps are caused by trauma or injury and may be either hard or soft in texture. Their appearance is often unwanted and they can also be sited in a place that catches on clothing or jewellery.

Rozina has 25 years of NHS experience in removing suspicious or unsightly lesions. Where there is sufficient information to make a definitive clinical diagnosis , Rozina will do so then deal with any lesions in the most aesthetically sound manner – cryotherapy (freezing), cautery, shave biopsy, currettage or simple excision. Where a diagnosis is not clear or there is a relevant past history, then Rozina will make a clinical judgement to safely remove any lesions (with clear tissue margins and intact for histological diagnosis) again in the most aesthetically pleasing way with the wound directed parallel to the lines of relaxed skin tension so that there is no unnecessary tension on the wound.
It can be very worrying when there are unexpected growths or lesions that require removal, Rozina offers a dedicated and swift service so you can have a local anaesthetic procedure, histology results and a well healing scar as soon as possible.

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