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Large Breasts

Large Breasts

All women deserve to feel comfortable and beautiful. Apart from the discomfort that having large breasts can cause, it can also make you feel self-conscious and trapped by the limitations of your own body. All bodies are most definitely beautiful in their uniqueness. nobody should feel embarrassed or uncomfortable because of their physical appearance.

Large breasts however can be heavy breasts that cause physical suffering and spinal issues, limitations to lifestyle, clothing choices, exercise and socialising as well as emotional and sexual concerns.
Large breasts, (Macromastia) may be determined by genetics, hormone levels or body weight. These factors can contribute to the amount of glandular tissue that develops both during and after puberty, as well as through a period of weight gain. Excessive glandular tissue leads to breasts that continue growing after puberty or grow particularly quickly and early, resulting in large, heavy pendulous breasts. Breasts can undergo a radical and unpredictable change in size during pregnancy and after giving birth, when the appearance and size can also become asymmetric or irregular.
Menopause and the inexorable process of ageing can also result in breasts becoming larger, heavier and more ptotic (droopy) due to increased involution of the breast tissue and deposition of fat.

Excessively large breasts are not without their complications. For women who are affected by this condition, they may find their breasts are heavy, causing pain in the upper and middle back, shoulders and neck. They also incur a degree of self-consciousness, as underwear and certain clothing may be ill-fitting or unflattering. Intertrigo refers to the redness and soreness that can occur under the breast crease (Infra-mammary crease) and the cleavage. Large heavy breasts require excellent support and such made-to measure bras are expensive, there may be additional difficulties when participating in sports and exercise.

A breast expert and aesthete such as Dr Rozina Ali can help you. By listening, caring and understanding; then deploying her expertise, knowledge and surgical skill to create a more proportionate and desirable body contour. The functional benefits of alleviating aches and pains is matched by the psychological burden that is lifted.
Rozina regards breast reduction to be a chest rejuvenating procedure since the breasts are reshaped and lifted as well as resized to suit your needs and preferences.
Rozina is well-positioned to help you and can determine your suitability for a breast reduction, deigned to give you both body comfort and confidence

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