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Lines & Wrinkles

Lines & Wrinkles

If youth is curves, then ageing is lines. Glabella lines (no11’s) forehead lines, crows feet, lip lines, neck lines, nasolabial lines, marionette lines, wrinkles, creases, folds….etc.
A youthful complexion is smooth, full and crease free with excellent skin elasticity.

Ageing is a multifactorial, chronic, ongoing sequence of events that affects us all by virtue of the fact we breathe and rely on sunshine to live. There is no avoiding ageing, however we can modulate the extent to which it alters our appearance.
Miss Ali’s practice is not so much anti-ageing as pro-ageing – She believes in ageing well.

The natural deterioration of ageing will start earlier than it is noticed. It begins in your 20’s but the early effects may not be visible until your 30’s. All tissues rely upon the quantity and quality of collagen (protein structure), elastin (elasticity) and glycasaminoglycans (hydration) as well as underlying bone/dentition, strong supporting muscles and tight ligaments to hold tissues in place. As we get older, all of these factors diminish in quantity or quality such that the skin’s structure and the underlying facial components (fat pads, fascia, muscles, ligaments) slacken and begin to sag.
Skin begins to dry out and lose its ability to snap back to its original form, leading to the development of lines, wrinkles and folds according to the Glogau photoageing scale.

Rozina‘s passion and interest is in healthy attractive ageing. Rozina offers a comprehensive and considered recommendation of both surgical and non-surgical treatments as well as skincare to ensure multiple tissue layers are treated through various modalities. Technologies and surgery can be used to reverse the effect of ageing. Injectables and products to pause ageing and skincare to slow down the effects of photoageing

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