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Nipple Concerns

Nipple Concerns

Conditions described as nipple ‘concerns’ vary between the genders but include inverted nipples, enlarged (too long or too wide) nipples, too small nipples, damaged nipples (piercings, trauma) asymmetric nipples and enlarged areola. Whilst concerns with the appearance of the nipples are common, many men and women do not seek treatment until later in life. Rozina’s work with Gender realignment patient’s chests has given her an increased awareness of the needs of her different client groups.

As with other conditions that affect the breasts, there is no ‘normal’ appearance that the nipples should have, and everyone has a look that is unique to them. Contentment with body image and self-esteem comes down to your own perception of what you have and how it ‘should’ look or used to look. This determines whether or not your needs are met or your physical self-perception and emotional well-being would benefit from surgical correction.

Enlarged nipples can not only be bigger in size than desired, but may also be quite noticeably protruding. This can cause embarrassment, especially when wearing close fitting items or in times of intimacy, as a result of their visibility and unwanted appearance. It is not uncommon for this condition to be asymmetrical or even produce split nipples (bifid).
Treatment involves a short local anaesthetic daycase procedure to reduce length, reduce girth or symmetrise appearance.

Inverted nipples are quite common, they look as though they are sunken into the areola or lay flush to it. This concern will often develop around puberty and is the result of shortened collagen fibres and subsequent shortened milk ducts. Although this condition is often harmless, it can become more pronounced after multiple pregnancies and breastfeeding. Treatment involves a short local anaesthetic daycase procedure to evert the nipples and a suture to keep them everted. Small nipples can be treated with fat transfer to make them more turgid and protruberent and be more visible or palpable through clothing.

Accessory nipples can occur along the milk line (from axilla to groin) in both men and women and may be associated with accessory breast tissue. More often than not they are mistaken for an irritating ‘mole’ and removed as a skin lesion, however sometimes, especially if there are multiple nipples, it can be clear that they are accessory nipples. Treatment involves a short local anaesthetic daycase procedure to excise the accessory nipples/breast tissue.

Nipple reconstruction or nipple share (nipple transfer) is a specialist area of expertise and is very much Rozina’s forte. Although most commonly offered as the final part of the breast reconstruction journey following breast cancer; one or both nipples may also require reconstruction following burns, trauma infection or surgical debridement. Treatment involves a short local anaesthetic daycase procedure.

The circular area of pigmented skin that surrounds the nipple is known as the areola. It is an area of specialised skin containing hair follicles and glands known as Montgomery tubercles. The texture of the skin is different to the rest of the breast. Like breasts, every areola is unique in size, shape and colour. The perception of an areola that is imperfect, is very dependent on the person’s own view of what is attractive or normal. Rozina offers treatment to male and female clients and has developed several specialised techniques for areola reduction and areola reconstruction. Treatment involves a short local anaesthetic daycase procedure

Being comfortable in your own skin is the ultimate luxury and no condition is too big, too complicated, too small or too detailed to warrant a surgical consultation and if requested, treatment. Rozina totally understands the desire for self-realisation and enjoys applying her knowledge and expertise to performing innovative and niche procedures to achieve the desired look for every client.

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