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Sagging / Drooping Breasts

Sagging / Drooping Breasts

Rozina firmly believes that all breasts are beautiful. Whether big or small, pert or plump the body is a wonderful work of art and nature. However, all bodies differ and breasts are no different. The female breast tells a story of one’s life, of pregnancy, motherhood, diet, lifestyle and much more. Our breasts change throughout the stages of our lives and all but the smallest breasts will sag, especially associated with the menopause.

Sagging breasts are also referred to as ‘droopy or drooping breasts’ or more clinically as ‘breast ptosis’. There are many reasons why breasts sag, including ageing, skin quality, weight loss, weight gain, oestrogen deficiency and heavy breasts. Where ageing is the main cause, breasts begin to droop when they are less supported by the fibrocollagenous septae, which become stretched over time and no longer impart structural integrity to the breast mound.

The definition of sagging breasts refers to breasts hanging low on the chest, with the nipple lying at or below the crease below the breasts (inframammary fold.)
Frequently, droopy breasts are asymmetrical, or the nipples sit in a position that looks less than aesthetically pleasing. Large heavy breasts are more prone to sagging; smaller breasts only sag if there is a significant loss of glandular tissue resulting in excess skin.

The implications that sagging breasts can have on a woman may impact both aesthetically and emotionally. No matter that most breasts are covered most of the time, when breasts droop, and are no longer deemed to be full, pert or aesthetically pleasing to others, it can have a huge impact on any woman. This can lead in turn to a woman feeling unhappy with her appearance, with herself, her future. Sometimes it signals the end of fertility, the end of being relevant or desired. Many women seek to enquire about ways to improve droopy empty breasts and create breasts that are fuller, firmer and more pert.
We all spend a lot of time, energy and effort to look our best because it makes us feel valued and at our best. There is absolutely no reason that your breasts should be a debilitating concern that cannot be overcome. Rozina refers to the female chest as being an ever evolving and changing landscape that reflects your hormonal and health throughout life. In the same way that pharmacological treatments can alter your hormonal milieu and mood, surgical interventions, used judiciously and in partnership, can bring a lot of joy and longevity to your sexual and social life.
Sagging breasts can be treated by adding volume (fat transfer, implants) and/or reducing the excess skin of the breast envelope and repositioning the nipple (breast uplift.). The approach taken in order to achieve the best outcome will depend on your specific breast condition, and your outcome preferences. Rozina always pays great care and attention to your tissues and your needs before she will offer her surgical skills to sculpt and mould your tissues.
Surgery is a very significant decision and should only be offered to who understand the undertaking and have realistic expectations.

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