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Small Breasts

Small Breasts

All our bodies are unique, coming in all shapes and sizes, and the breasts are no different. The size of a woman’s breasts is unique to her alone, and there is no one size that is more ‘normal’ or attractive than another. The breasts will generally have grown to their full natural size once puberty has finished (17yrs+).

Wanting to increase breast size is usually very much about how someone feels about their breasts, as opposed to a clinical condition such as hypomastia where there is a lack of breast tissue and the breasts are underdeveloped on either one or both sides.
Throughout our adult lives certain factors can affect whether or not the breasts will continue to increase or decrease in size. Breast size is generally determined by our genetics but also by weight gain/weight loss. Breasts that have become larger through pregnancy and breastfeeding, will almost always shrink back to their original size or less in some cases.
Trends in what is perceived to be the ‘ideal size’ can change from time to time, and what is considered to be desirable is often what influences how content a woman is with the size of her breasts. If a woman is unsatisfied with her breast size or appearance, then breast enlargement and enhancement is possible in order to restore both volume and confidence.

Rozina well understands the importance of positive body image, and uses her expertise, experience and empathy to support and improve the lives of women, so they are more confident and happier with their bodies and their self-image.

A breast augmentation procedure using implants or fat transfer can be used to enhance the shape and volume of smaller breasts. Breast enhancement should enhance self image as much as breast shape and size and can be performed through the insertion of round or shaped breast implants. Increasingly Rozina is very happy to offer the transfer of live fat from one part of the body to another, known as fat transferor “lipofilling”. Fat transfer can be offered as a stand alone procedure for moderate breast size enhancement (1-2 cup sizes) or as an aesthetic adjunct to enhance the shape, skin quality and feel of an augmented breast.

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