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Tear Troughs / Dark Circles

Tear Troughs / Dark Circles

Skin comes in many wonderful tones from pale porcelain to the most exquisite of velvety blacks. Throughout our lives we develop habits, illness, injuries that may impact the skin in different ways. No skin is more impacted than the thinnest most fragile skin of the human body – the eyelids -and none is more noticeable or harder to hide than the lower eyelids.

One of the less favourable signs of facial ageing is discolouration and darkening of the lower eyelid as dark undereye circles. This can be due to any number of reasons including skin colour (Asian skins), genetics, the translucent thinness of the skin, bulky dark underlying muscles, rich blood supply beneath the skin or haemosiderin deposition (where rubbing your eyes causes damage to the underlying blood vessels and permanent dark staining of the underside of the skin). The skin around the eyes is much thinner than that of the rest of the face. Therefore, blood vessels are more noticeable and can give the appearance of darkness or shadows beneath the eye. As skin begins to thin with age, this undereye darkness can becomes even more marked.

Whereas youth can be seen at the smooth cheek-lid junction, the various full fat compartments and short ligaments meeting seamlessly to glide over each other. The tear trough, is one of the first signs of deflation. It is the area that develops between the lower eyelid and the cheek medially, where the two parts of the circular orbicularis oculi muscle separate (a divarication or weakness of sorts). A deepening tear trough is very ageing and is exacerbated by lack of sleep, allergies, fluid retention and loss of collagen volume.

The combination of hollows and dark under-eyes is doubly ageing and can have a debilitating effect on self-esteem.

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