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Tuberous Breasts

Tuberous Breasts

Tuberous breasts, also known as tubular breasts, are caused when the breast tissue does not grow properly during puberty. The underside of the breast may fail to develop resulting in a high, tight, restricted lower pole and the breast tissue of the upper pole overhanging to give a tubular shape to the breast. One or both breasts may be involved to varying degrees.

Whilst this condition is not very common, many young girls or women who are affected do not seek surgical help since they are too embarrassed or afraid to seek treatment, they don’t understand why their breasts are so different to those of others, or what options, if any, are available to them.

Although tuberous breasts can take on different forms in different women, they are usually diagnosed through the common characteristic of a lack in both horizontal and vertical breast tissue – causing the breasts to appear oval or pointed in shape, seated high on the chest wall with an unnaturally wide cleavage. The gap between the breasts tends to be quite prominent and the nipple may be surrounded by constricted skin and ‘herniation’ of the areola which is therefore enlarged and pendulous.

Tuberous breasts are not a harmful or painful condition and all women’s breasts vary greatly in form, shape and size. However, the physical appearance of tuberous breasts may lead to aesthetic concerns and too many young women suffer in silence. Such self-consciousness can impact on intimate relationships, self esteem and life-style choices.
As a woman and as a breast specialist, Rozina is acutely aware of the emotional, psychological and sexual impact of breast problems. She is equally aware of the often unspoken concerns re breast changes with pregnancy and breast-feeding.
A breast consultation with Rozina is access to a hugely experienced specialist with a deep passion for people.

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