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Weak Chin / Jawline

Weak Chin / Jawline

A well defined contour has long been the mark of a beautiful face, a strong jawline signifying power and physical attractiveness. Perfectly contoured, sharp lines and striking bone structure give definition to the angle of the jaw and chin, accentuating the youthful width of the face and the slender length of the neck.

Not all are blessed with a naturally strong jawline. Those with a soft fatty submandibular region (double chin), small chin or ‘weak’ jaw are often ascribed characteristics of weakness or softness which are not true. Conversely those with a jutting jaw or wide mandible are thought to be braver, stronger, more determined perhaps than they are.

With ageing comes a ‘squaring off’ of the face, this early jowling can be seen initially as fullness of the sides of the mouth, a deepening marionette line and breaking up of the smooth contours of the jawline. With time more jowling develops.
The culprit is normally fat herniation due to stretching of the tight ligaments between bone and skin, deflation and sagging of the fat compartments and decrease in quality and quantity of collagen such that the skin becomes less firm or elastic. This, accompanied by the natural forces of gravity, causes the skin and subcutaneous tissue to descend on either side of the mouth.
The upturned ‘triangle’ of a youthful face becomes a heavier more masculine square. This explains why men often age better than women (they look more masculine) and the very old often have genderless faces.

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