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Mummy Makeover

The mommy (or mummy) make-over is a touted as a collection of plastic surgery procedures for a new or first time- mom.

More often than not the Mommy makeover is most useful to women who have completed their families, got a handle on family life …and now have the time, energy and money to devote to themselves. As the population delays childbirth later and later, some of the mommy makeovers are in older women in their mid-late 50’s rather than women in their 30’s.

Whatever the age, the stage is the same. A mommy makeover is an umbrella term for a combination of plastic surgery procedures to help restore your body after the dramatic changes of pregnancy, childbirth, and/or breastfeeding.

Not all mothers require surgical support after childbirth, many embrace and prefer their new figures and faces. However if your breasts do deflate or your belly develops a pooch or stretchmarks, then the mommy makeover may be the solution. It consists of whatever procedures are required  to tackle deflated, sagging breasts, breast asymmetry, large nipples, enlarged areolas, loose and stretched abdominal skin, separated abdominal muscles (divarication of the Recti muscles) drooping or torn labia and excess fat of the abdo/flanks/hips and thighs. In Rozina’s practice, quite often such a mommy makeover includes facial aesthetics – specifically eyelid surgery (bags under eyes), skincare (the ravages of hormones) and facial Fillers to help you look as healthy and radiant as you would like.

There is so much pride to being a healthy mother and even more self-achievement associated with being a fit, happy and attractive mamma.

Pregnancy itself is an incredibly emotional time where the loss of your sense of physical self can be debilitating. Even second or third time mothers can lament the loss of themselves – so if nothing else a mommy make-over is a great reassurance, just to KNOW that there are things that can be done post-childbirth

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Rozina says “anything you need”

Most often it’s a Breast lift or breast augmentation with fat or implants (or a combination of all 3) to restore pert full breasts. Occasionally a breast reduction is required, but the ambition is the same;  to restore appropriately sized, proportionate pert full breasts.

A tummy tuck to remove excess skin (and stretch marks) and tighten the underlying muscles to give you a tighter, more toned torso.

Liposuction of the abdomen, flanks and thighs. Hormone fluctuations have significant effects on fat deposition and pockets of fat may develop in places you were not even aware of before. Recontouring your body can become a profound reset of self.

Where delivery has caused consequences (Caesarian scar, injured or stretched labia) that too can be treated with procedures such as a tummy tuck, scar revision, labia repair or labia trimming and tightening. More sophisticated and specialist options are available and warrant a detailed discussion.

If the public face of pregnancy is ‘glowing’ then that of being a new mother is ‘drawn and anxious after sleepless nights’

Facial aesthetics in the form of skin tightening, rehydration with mesotherapy, improving skin quality with growth factors and skincare, neurotoxins to relax muscles and facial Fillers to restore volume and enhance features are often the most potent plastic surgical interventions that can be provided.

Eyebag surgery has a firm place in the pantheon of mummy rejuvenation.

When you are emotionally, physically and financially stable.

New motherhood is a state of great flux and it may be that you have the energy and initiative to get on and do this, using the opportunity to rectify other issues like breast asymmetry or poor scarring.

However be aware of employing surgery as a tool that weight control and exercise can address, also don’t consider surgery so soon that it interferes with the joys of motherhood and family life. Rozina says, breastfeed to your heart’s content, not to a timetable. Also be sure that you leave yourself adequate recovery time before a phased or complete return to work or full activities.


Since the ‘mommy makeover’ is designed to address a range of related  concerns in one surgery,  a busy mother only has to factor in a  single (prolonged) downtime.

Stretch marks and C-section scars can be removed or improved by the tummy tuck. Medical issues such as hernias and diastasis recti repair (which occurs when the abdominal muscles separate at the midline) can be addressed.  Also, abdominoplasty Improves Low Back Pain and Urinary Incontinence according to recent research published in the plastic surgery literature. (Taylor et al, PRS, March 2018)

Longstanding breast asymmetry or size issues (too large or too small) can be addressed at this time.

Restoring your pre-baby physique during a time of radical change can be  a stabilising influence and obviously, being able to determine your physical identity at this time can be  a great boost to your personal and professional confidence.

Mommy makeovers are generally considered to be safe ,however all risk profiles are personal and individual and alter with time. Each procedure that’s included carries some risk—and those risks can increase when procedures are combined. Also it’s wise not to consider any elective surgery that takes longer than 4-6 hours. If you are combining procedures, limit the combination to finish under this time. The surgical time required will depend on your body frame (petite versus full-figured), the hospital infrastructure and equipment and the surgeon’s expertise.

As with any surgery, bleeding (haematoma), infection and poor scarring are a risk. These are the terrible trinity true for all surgeries, short or long, with you asleep (GA) or awake (LA).

One of the major concerns re prolonged surgical time is the risk of blood clots (deep venous thrombosis or DVT) which can progress to become serious and life threatening moving clots that can reach the lungs (pulmonary embolus or PE)

The typical time frame where  DVTs  are at the highest risk are the first three to five days after surgery Your odds for a clot may be higher than normal for up to three months but depend on your weight, smoking exposure and sedentary versus active lifestyle.


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