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Excessive Sweating

Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis, is when the body produces sweat when it is not in a warm environment.

Sweating is natural to keep the body cool when in a hot environment or after exercise. However some people experience sweaty palms and feet, excessive sweating and night sweats even when they aren’t in a warm environment.

This could be due to genetics, hormonal changes during menopause, side effects of medication, infections, low blood sugar, diabetes etc. Anxiety can also increase how much we sweat. The main way to treat hyperhidrosis is to identify why it is occurring and treat that issue and reduce symptoms. You can reduce symptoms by using a good anti perspirant, medicated creams which you can obtain from your GP to reduce sweating, relaxation methods including meditation and yoga to reduce anxiety, bathing regularly can reduce the amount of bacteria on the body as well as foot powders from the chemist. If social anxiety causes excessive sweaty it may be worth working on improving self esteem and learning to become more comfortable in social situations.

For more extreme cases or those who find it particularly hard to control you can get botox injections in to the sweat glands to block them from releasing sweat. There are also options to have sweat glands removed via surgery. These are obviously extreme procedures for those who have excessive sweating which is not helped by any of the above treatments and solutions.

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