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Joint and Muscular Pain

Joint and Muscular Pain

Joint pain is very common and can be caused by multiple things but most commonly caused by injury or arthritis.

If the pain is only in one area then it is usually as a result of an injury, potentially from sports, previous damage or cartilage damage. The joint may be hot and red if the joint is bleeding or the cartilage is damaged or just painful if the joint lining is inflamed. Arthritis usually occurs in multiple joints and causes pain and swelling in the joints.

Joint pain should be seen by a doctor to determine the cause and they will be able to possibly prescribe an anti-inflammatory medication. Physical therapy can help with joint pain as well as cold compresses and plenty of rest.

Muscular pain is where the muscles stay contracted for longer than normal periods of time. This can be due to high stress levels or prolonged poor posture. This can cause pain in different areas of the body and potentially lead to prolonged discomfort and headaches. Muscular pain can be prevented by reducing stress levels, taking care of the spine and by keeping good posture and ensuring any lifting or exercise is done carefully and with proper technique. Muscular pain can be treated with warm compresses or massage to release the tension and relax the muscles. Myofascial release maintains sustained pressure on certain points to release tension. Sustained muscular tension can pull on the spine and pull it out of alignment.

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