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Milia are a type of cyst which occur most commonly on the nose, chin and cheeks.

They appear as small white bumps and are most common in infants, but can also occur in adults. They can appear as a result of overuse of products which are particularly pore clogging, or after the skin has experienced a burn or trauma. Most of the time they can be treated with a good skin care regime at home, including a Vitamin A moisturiser. A routine implementing a cleanse, steam and exfoliation is a good way to clear out the pores and break down the cyst.

These can be treated by a specialist by removing the surface of the cyst with the head of a needle and removing the pus. This is not something that should be done at home. You can prevent milia from occurring with a good skin care regime, which you can obtain by consulting a skin expert and with a good diet with plenty of vitamin A enriched foods such as sweet potatoes, carrots, butternut squash, pumpkin and dark leafy green vegetables. Milia do usually go away on their own after a few weeks and you should avoid trying to remove them yourself or attempt to extract them like a normal spot. Doing so could cause redness, inflammation and soreness.

If they aren’t going by themselves or you want them gone sooner you should see a specialist to remove them for you to reduce worsening the problem.

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