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Scarring is a mark which is left behind from a wound or injury on the surface of the skin.

Scarring occurs as a result of the body’s natural healing process when the body is wounded. Scars are commonly pale and flat and they often fade over time. However they do not always disappear completely. Scarring can occur due to acne, surgery, chicken pox, piercings or tattoos, injury or any other occasion where the body is injured.

Acne scarring appears as a pitted hole on the skin or unusual overgrowth of tissue if too much collagen has been produced at the site of the wound. Acne scarring occurs as a result of acne and can be worsened by picking and aggravation of acne. On darker skin types the wound may heal and the scar will appear brown or white, this can be more visible as scar tissue doesn’t tan.

Scars can also be red, raised and be itchy and/or painful. They can also restrict movement and on occasion cause the person emotional or physical distress.

Treatment is unlikely to complete remove scarring, especially if the scarring has been there for a longer time. Newer scars such as those from spots are easier to treat with peels and laser treatments. Laser treatments have been found to have good results on flattening scars by disrupting the blood supply to the scar and reducing the redness. Massage is also thought to be good for scarring, particularly those from surgery, it is commonly used along with acupuncture for the treatment of scars.

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