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Skin Redness

Skin Redness

There are many reasons for the skin to appear red – it could be an allergy, sunburn, excessive exercise, dryness and so on.

The main way to treat skin redness is to identify what is causing it and go from there. Redness caused by burns should be treated with cold running water depending on the severity. If in doubt it is always best to seek medical advice for burns. Issues such as eczema and rosacea can be treated by seeking advice from a specialist, eczema can usually be treated with over the counter medication. Rosacea is often triggered by particular factors, such as alcohol or stress.

Some redness can be caused by allergies, in which case taking an antihistamine can reduce redness. Minor burns such as sun burn can be treated with aloe vera gel and cold compresses to take away any pain or soreness. You can usually identify the cause of the redness by any symptoms that accompany it. Any concerns about skin redness particularly if its prolonged without signs of reducing should be seen by a GP.

Redness can also be caused if a peel is used that is too strong for the skin or if the skin has been picked at. If the skin is red and dry it is best not to use any strong products, any products with perfume in can further aggravate the skin. It is best to use soothing products like sudocrem on bites and spots, aloe vera gel on burns and ice on any areas of inflammation.

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