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A wart is a non-cancerous skin growth caused by some types of the virus called the human papilloma virus (HPV).

They are very common and can appear in various shapes and sizes, they are typically small round, rough bumps. They can be easily transmitted from person to person through direct contact.

Warts can be prevented by avoiding stress, a healthy diet, good hygiene, using sun protection and avoiding too much friction or pressure on the skin.

Most warts go away on their own within months or years; 50% disappear in 18 months or less. There is a risk of reoccurrence or scarring from where the wart was. Their removal can be speeded up by using silver nitrate solution or salicyclic acid, or by freezing. The over-the-counter freezing kits using CO2 are not as effective as having a treatment using liquid nitrogen in a doctor’s practice, a mixture of chemicals are sprayed on to the water as cold air and then any dead skin is scraped off. If the treatment methods above are not successful the wart is classified as recalcitrant and is suitable for Ellipse Wart Treatment which is a laser treatment that burns and destroys the wart tissue.

It is important that you avoid picking or trying to remove the wart yourself as they are contagious and you could spread it to others and you increase the risk of infection and scarring. You should try over the counter treatments first, seek GP advice and if they persist then look in to removal such as cryotherapy or laser treatments.

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