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Water Retention

Water Retention

Water retention is when an abnormal amount of water accumulates in the body, in body tissue or cavities.

Water retention can cause bloating and puffiness. Most commonly water retention happens due to hormonal changes such as the menstrual cycle, a high sodium diet and hot weather.

The body is made up of mostly water; water retention occurs when the body is unable to get rid of excess water or holds on to it. Most times it will resolve itself, women can get bloated a few days before their period, this usually goes away itself after a few days. You can prevent water retention by drinking plenty of water to keep your body hydrated so it doesn’t feel the need to hold on to excess water. Moving regularly helps fluid move around your body, jobs where you are sitting or standing for long periods can cause your legs and ankles to swell, so ensuring you are taking the time to move around regularly is important to avoid water retention.

Other things that can help include avoiding processed foods which are high in sodium, wearing compression socks for long flights, moving around occasionally to keep from fluid building up, you can also get medication to reduce bloating if your medication is causing water retention.

Lymphatic drainage massages can also help to drain the lymph nodes and flush out any build up in water in the system and reduce any bloating and puffiness in just one session, however it is still worth looking at the cause of the water retention.

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