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Milly St Aubyn

Milly has been working as a reflexologist for 18 years. When she first encountered it, it made such an impression on her that she decided to study it extensively. She trained with Nico Pauly, where she learnt to restore or recover impairment in the movement, organ and nervous system. He considers that certain chronic pain can be manifested by the brain and the body gets stuck in a feedback loop of pain. Influenced by many components, like stress, which aggravates most conditions. Reflexology can help break the cycle.

She also trained with Hamish Edgar, learning about the limbic brain.  Anxiety, stiff backs, compromised digestion; headaches, muscle aches, insomnia etc. are often the result of neglect of physical health or the manifestation of emotional stress. Reflexology is very effective at treating these and on a deeper level, it helps rebalance the nervous system and promotes neural efficiency.

Milly uses reflexology to bring the whole body system into balance; helping the organs work at their highest capacity. Firing up the immune system together with the thymus gland, closely related to the lungs and heart. Her work on the limbic system brings the body back from fight or flight which can compromise the immune system. It’s very calming, promoting good sleep.

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Milly St Aubyn
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