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Fixed Metal Braces

Fixed metal braces are wonderfully versatile appliances that have been used by orthodontists around the world for decades. They can be used to correct any orthodontic problem with a tremendous amount of precision and efficiency.

How are metal braces fit?

Metal braces are made of several components. First, small metal brackets are bonded to the centre of each tooth. Your orthodontist selects the bracket with the built in tooth movement prescription specifically designed to address your orthodontic needs. Fixing the brackets to the teeth is a completely painless procedure that does not involves any injections or dental drills.

Once the brackets are in place your orthodontist will select an arch wire that fits into the slot built into each bracket, connecting them all together. The wires are held in using tiny little rubber bands, the colour of which you get to choose, and then change at subsequent appointments.

You will return to see your specialist orthodontist every 6 to 8 weeks to have the braces adjusted and tightened. At this appointment your orthodontist may change the wire and will replace all the coloured elastics with fresh ones.

How do metal braces work?

The wires will work to gently align the teeth, and your orthodontist may also use auxiliaries such as elastics, springs and power chain to produce the perfect result.

What happens at the end of my treatment?

Once your teeth are beautifully straight and the treatment has been completed the brackets are easily removed from the teeth and all the glue polished off without leaving a trace left on the teeth. At Tunbridge Wells Orthodontics, we will fit bonded retainers behind the front teeth which come with a 3 year guarantee, as well as providing you with backup retainers to be worn at night-time.

A very good standard of oral hygiene is essential for patients wearing fixed braces to prevent any unwanted side effect such as decalcification and dental caries. You should continue to see your general dentist and hygienist for regular check-ups throughout the duration of your treatment.

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Fixed Metal Braces

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Frequently asked questions

There is very little you can’t achieve with metal braces. They can be used for both children and adults and will correct almost all orthodontic problems including crooked teeth, overcrowding, overbites, deep bites, impacted teeth, missing teeth, diastema and gappy teeth. The decision to use metal braces is completely yours and needs to balanced up alongside other available options.

A number of factors contribute to the overall treatment length. Your age, the complexity of your orthodontic problem and how well you care for you brace all feed in You can rest assured that Tunbridge Wells Orthodontics will do anything within their power to ensure your treatment is done is the fastest time possible.

Straightforward cases can be complete in as little as 6 months, although very complex treatment plans can take 2 years to complete.

The first few days after the braces are fit can be quite uncomfortable. The teeth will usually feel a bit bruised, and tender to touch. Normal pain killers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen are effective at managing the pain although it should be noted that most of our patients do not feel the need. After a few days, the teeth will no longer feel tender.

You may also experience soreness of the lips and cheeks after the braces are fit, in the same way you might get blisters with a new pair of shoes. We will supply you with some orthodontic wax that can be squeezed onto the brace to provide some relieve.

Once the braces have been fit you will need to come and see your orthodontist regularly at approximately 6 -8 week intervals. You may also have to pop in in between your regular appointments if anything breaks.

Yes, metal braces are fixed to the teeth and are in place 24 hours a day. they can only be removed professionally by your orthodontist.


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